Spring Favourites | EVERSILENT


It is now July (what?!) and the EVERSILENT summer break has come to an end. Because of the break I never got around to writing my Spring Favourites, but thinking back makes Spring feel like so long ago! Nevertheless, I wrote it anyway (also because it would annoy me greatly if I didn’t do four for each year). So for my own sanity if nothing else, here it is:

Revision Cards and Post-It Notes


Like many people, I had to sit exams last Spring, so for me revision cards and post-it notes were invaluable. I got through about three packets of those multicoloured cards, and by the time my exams were finished I vowed it would never touch another one again. I fully intend to keep that promise.





I don’t usually wear liquid foundation but I felt like trying it out again. I did my research and chose the ‘Rimmel: Match Perfection’ foundation. It’s a high street foundation and it has a lighter coverage than most. It is still buildable and didn’t crease or look as cakey as I expected it to. To make things even better, it was only £7.99 (at Boots and Superdrug) and it has a matching concealer.


Beauty Blender
DSCF1465 (2)

Because I don’t use liquid foundation often I didn’t really have any brushes for it, I bought a Beauty Blender. It worked so much better than any brush I’ve ever used, and the different edges of it made applying it to every part of you face very easy indeed. Thumbs up from me.

FanFiction.Net App


I am a member of many fandoms, and an integral part of fandoms is fanfiction. Now before you ask, fanfiction is not always M rated (well, most of it isn’t…). FanFiction.Net is one of the most popular websites in which people write and upload their one-shots or multichapters, and having the website in app form makes it much more accessible.


Pretty Little Liars


Part two of the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars came and went, and these last ten episodes brought the show to a close for good. There were many different reactions to the last episodes and the finale and I still have mixed feelings, however this didn’t tarnish the love I have (and will always have) for this show – #liarsforever.

danisnotinteresting / lessamazingphil


Some of my favourite YouTubers are Daniel Howell (R.I.P. danisnotonfire) and AmazingPhil, and both of them have side channels in which they post their weekly YouNows (livesessions). I’ve put this in my favourites particularly for Spring because I loved having them on in the background when I was revising for my exams (or trying to revise at least).




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Images – (FanFiction App, Pretty Little Liars and Dan & Phil) Google Images




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