Easter Nests | EVERSILENT


Honestly, I haven’t baked for a solid three years, and now it is the Easter Holidays I have a little more time to do things other than work. To celebrate the season, and to ease myself back into the creation of food, I chose to make Easter Nests. After watching Dan and Phil’s Easter bakes, I decided I don’t quite have the required culinary skills to make meringue, so I settled with a more-mixing-than-baking recipe. Now thinking back there was absolutely no baking required. At all.


Anyway, as this was such an impromptu decision, we didn’t actually have any chocolate bars in the house (thanks to my sister) so I had to use a couple of bags of chocolate chips instead. I found some milk and white chocolate chips, so I used them both (it would be unfair to choose between them…). I was skeptical at first, but they worked perfectly after spending a couple of minutes in the microwave. I crushed the hell out of some Shredded Wheat and mixed it into the melted chocolate (each flavour in separate bowls). You can also add butter and golden syrup to the chocolate if you wish.

As not everyone in my family likes both types of chocolate, I did a variety of just milk chocolate, just white chocolate and a combination of them both. After every nest was adorned with three mini marshmallows, I put them in the fridge for a couple of hours.


Et voilà! You have Easter chocolate cereal cupcake things that only took thirty minutes of your life to make! Maybe baking is my thing. ‘Baking’.




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