Vampires and Toddlers | EVERSILENT


I spend a good 45% of my life playing The Sims 4, and these new updates and expansion packs they keep pumping out aren’t helping me stop. I’ve had the game since it came out in 2014, and I live for expansion packs that give you extra worlds because every lot in my game is full. I love every aspect of the game; building, decorating and all the gameplay has to offer. Recently, The Sims 4 creators released a free toddler update and a new Vampires game pack – and they are AMAZING (apologies in advance for all the upper-caseΒ letters in this post, I write in capitals when I get too excited).



Not including toddlers in the base game was the first thing that disappointed me about The Sims 4 (and pets, but that’s another rant for another day…) – even the most basic versions of the game had this crucial life stage; like they should. I was always complaining to my friends about how the sims go from a “helpless cot bound baby to a child who is level 3 in violin and can make macaroni cheese” (sorry guys). Now, after more than two years since the game’s release the wait is FINALLY over. Many people are still salty about how this wasn’t included in the first place, but honestly I am just happy it’s here now.

Toddlers bring a whole new layer to gameplay and are SUCH HIGH MAINTENANCE at first. however, once they have been trained in a few basic skills, it is a more stress free and enjoyable experience. The new furniture, interactions and outfits are all ADORABLE and I kind of want the big curly hair for myself irl.



Aliens came in the Get To Work expansion pack (released in 2015), and I had never really used them. A few months ago I gave it a try and I love them, so hearing the news that Vampires were coming was very exciting. As I previously mentioned, I am always in dire need of new lots for my ever-growing Simland, and this pack gives you just that. You get a neighborhood with four additional plots, all with TV/film references. You can make your own vampires or get turned into vampires by other vampires! (I was too excited when I found out about this ngl) Last but not least I love all the new gothic clothes, make up and dΓ©cor you get in this game pack.

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(Images: The Sims 4)


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