I love herbal and fruit teas. I have tried almost every type the supermarkets have sitting on their shelves, and I haven’t yet found one I don’t like. Lately I have realised I subconsciously choose my tea depending on my mood. So this post, probably mostly for my own amusement, outlines my basic thought process when deciding which tea to drink.


Comsi, Comsa:

Vanilla, Chamomile and Honey – Pukka

This is my equivalent of PG Tips (or whichever brand of tea you favour). If I’m just feeling normal (or cold, so normal) then this is the tea I go for. It sounds a lot fancier than it is, but it’s just sweet and calming, helping me take a few minutes to refresh my mind.


Feeling meh:

Chamomile and Spearmint – Twinings

Both chamomile and spearmint alone are known for their soothing effects on the stomach, so in my mind combining them both is the best way to relieve any under the weather version of myself in no time. As well as this it’s also quite refreshing, thanks to the spearmint.


Feeling awake:

Lemon Trio – Twinings

I imagine this tastes like those hot lemon drinks people drink when they have a cold, and because of this it makes me feel healthy and prepared for the day ahead. I don’t really mind if this tea comes a little sweet or a little sour, so clearly feeling awake has a positive effect on my optimism


Feelin’ Sleepy:

Chamomile – TeapigsΒ 

I like to mix chamomile with lots of other things, but when I’m feeling sleepy I don’t want anything fancy. Teapigs’ chamomile tea has the real flower heads in the bag and it is the lightest and nicest plain chamomile tea.


Feeling christmassy:

Chamomile and Spiced Apple – Twinings

This is all the ‘good wintery Christmassy fluffy cosy and warm’ feelings you can imagine in a mug. As you may be able to tell by now, I like chamomile tea very much, and this gives the drink a festive twist.


Not feeling the day whatsoever:

There’s nothing like a cup of black coffee with three sugars. Despite British values, there are some things tea just can’t solve.



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