Top 5 Nintendo Games | EVERSILENT


Lately I have been rediscovering some of my favourite Nintendo games, old and new. I have already spent way more time than I should have playing these games, so I thought I would write about them instead. Here is my all time top five:

5. Wii Music – Wii


Technology and music are two of my favourite things in the whole world, so combining them was a success in my eyes. There are lots of minigames to choose from and you can play with all four controllers all the time which makes me v happy indeed.


4. MARIO RUN – ios


The actual gameplay in this game isn’t the best, and it took a short amount of time to complete. However just the fact that I can now have Mario in my pocket at all times earns it a place in my top 5. Now the days of receiving disapproving stares form onlookers because I’m playing on my DS in public are gone.


3. Wii Sports Resort – Wii


My family and I have spent SOLID DAYS playing this game. From basketball to table tennis to shooting your opponents in mini aeroplanes, the amount of hours this game has kept me occupied is borderline worrying.


2. Mariokart – DS and Wii


Racing games are one of my favourite types of video games, and Mariokart is no exception. The multiplayer feature in this allows for eight people to join a game and race against each other. This, in turn, allowed for many afternoons filled with friends and fighting over who has to be Shy Guy.


1. Super Mario Bros. 1 – DS


From the gameplay to the minigames, there has never been a better game than the original Super Mario Bros. Each world is filled with different themed courses, halfway castles and the never ending hunt for Princess Peach. In addition to this, there are a load of minigames that offer multiplayer opportunities. I have had this game since 2007 and I cannot express how much I love it. A bit useless really when trying to write a blog post about it.


(Images – Google Images)


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