Autumn Favourites | EVERSILENT


September can be one of the most depressing months of the year – everyone is back to school and work, all holidays have been had, and we start to make the transition from Summer into Autumn. Nevertheless, it is not all bad, and I have discovered some new things that I’ma share with you.

To start off this favourites post, I thought I’d start withΒ an app that I spent most of my summer using. It’s called ‘Smule – Sing!’, and it gives you the opportunity to sing karaoke with people around the world. If you, like me, like music that no one you know listens to then this is the perfect place to share that music with people who do. It’s a free app (with optional payment) and you start singing as soon as you sign up.


Next on the list is a YouTuber I have liked watching recently – Fabulous Hannah. She posts beauty fashion and lifestyle videos, all delivered with her bubbly personality and Essex accent. I love the casual and chatty atmosphere she sets for every one of her videos, making them feel relaxed and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. She uploads regularly, but not so much that you can’t keep up!


The obsession I have had with this next item is actually unreal. I binge watched all nine seasons of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ in about a month, and as you will know if you watch the show, season ten is airing as we speak. It follows the life of a group of socially awkward scientists, who have spent their lives being the ‘uncool nerds’. Their lives revolve around physics, sci-fi and chinese takeout – until a girl moves in next door. I love this program soooo much and I absolutely guarantee you will fall in love with every single one of these characters.

A make up product I have begun to use again lately is the Laura Geller ‘Balance and Brighten’ foundation. This baked powder formula gives your face an even colour and a healthy glow, without looking cakey or orange. It is a little on the expensive side, but it lasts for a ridiculously long time so it’ll be months before you have to re-purchase it. I personally prefer to use it in summer, but I’m sure I’ll continue to use it for a while longer.


The book that I’m featuring this month is one that I have re-read (and re-watched) several times – Death Note vol.1. It is a manga book (Japanese comic book) by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata which has also been turned into an anime series. This book is presented in true Japanese format, a comic book style read from right to left. The whole series of books are about a bored and bright schoolboy called Light Yagami, who finds the ‘Death Note’. Little does he know this book has the ability to murder anyone you choose – you just have to write their name in the book. After being apprehensive at first, Light’s newfound power starts to get the better of him. I love this story so much, with genius plot twists and psychotic characters – I can neverΒ put it down!


Thank you for reading, and enjoy the rest of September!


(Item photos – Google Images)


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