School, Early Mornings and Snapping Back to Reality | EVERSILENT

Hola chicas,

As I’m sure you’re all aware September is back to school month, and unfortunately it did not disappoint.  Normally, it takes me a while to settle into the summer holidays, but after a day of school I’m back into the same old routine. For some reason though, this year had the opposite effect. And it was bad.

Very bad.

The second I walked into school I knew I had made a mistake and should still be in bed watching Netflix. Sadly, this was not an option, so I was forced to pull through the assemblies and the ‘tuck your shirt in’s.

After what seemed like a year of school in itself, we were handed our timetables and made our way to class. Despite everything, I love the introduction lessons you get at the beginning of each year, the compulsory ‘welcome back’ and ‘write your name on the front of these books’. Maybe its because there’s no time to actually do any work by the time all of this is done.

Yeah that’s probably why I like it.

Anyways I have been assured I will survive and everything will be vaguely enjoyable (let’s hope). Thanks for reading amigas, and I’ll be back next week.




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